In search of a psychic, medium and spiritual healing – What you need to know

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              We live in an age where one can receive a healing, a reading, a ritual, in the comfort of their home. No more is it necessary to travel to Bali, Bhutan or to the confines of Peru to meet with sages, healers or visit Sacred spaces. All are welcomed to do so however it is more reserved for the seasoned spiritual amateur as nowadays anyone can connect with the spiritual realm and its many representatives, mediums, psychics, shamans, healers, etc, through their computers screens or smartphones. Online sessions can be as rewarding as being on site.

There are quite a few psychics and mediums online, it is up to each person in search for healing to find and go toward the psychic/medium of their liking.

Back then, before the advent of internet, it was only through word of mouth. It almost seemed providential to hear of someone who spoke with spirit or healed, and upon finding out, well one just had to experience it, least the opportunity escape you.

Nowadays, a google search for “psychic medium” or “spiritual healing” will return millions of results. Enter the “Universal mall” of the Spiritual Realm: there is something for everyone. However beware, in the same way as when you go to the supermarket, you don’t “buy” everything. Use discernment. A calling, a connection should be felt, some synchronicities should be experienced.

While working in this field since the age of 20, I have come across some inexperienced and very experienced spiritual healers, all of these experiences came with a set of lessons.

As important as it is for the client to find a respectable medium, healer, psychic to support them in their quests, their healing, I feel it is also very important that all of the above providers demonstrate they do their inner work to free themselves from issues that could inhibit their growth and ability to help the patients that come forward. One wouldn’t go to a dentist with a poor mouth hygiene, in the same way, one shouldn’t expect much from a spiritual healer that displays a low level of consciousness such as judging, complaining or fearfulness. How could someone displaying these traits could assist someone trapped in a traumatic trance, in an addiction or to give a hand to someone locked in a loop of destructive patterns of behaviors?

“You do for others what you do for yourself” is the rule to remember in your search of the right person. There are many roads to the unexplainable, the unknown and consciousness.

“Be your own master” and use your discernment to gather information, listen to your heart and only go with what empowers you to be the best you can be. The road to your own mastery is littered with misinformation and unexperienced people however it is filled with heart-full and authentic spiritual healers and beings.

            If your intention is to elevate your consciousness and become aware, then the universe will conspire to bring the right people and experiences in your path and assist you to “wake up” to all the wonderful possibilities that you can offer to yourself and the world around you.




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