Molybdomancy, an Ancient Ritual Used for Clearing and Divination

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The traditional term for the process is Molybdomancy. I first experienced it in Morocco where we call it “L’Doun” and use it to help people cleanse their energetic fields, connect with spirit, learn new information, and heal from illness.

Molybdomancy is highly interactive. You will feel yourself an intimate part of it. At the start, I will melt lead in a pan over a flame and then pour it into a container of water. The molten lead will spread, taking on unique shapes.

At that point, I will go silent momentarily as I invite in your spirit guides to aid in interpreting the lead’s movement and appearance. Then the process begins … I will communicate what I receive to you.

For you, the experience can unfold on many different levels, from the emotional to the physical. It can be visceral, and at times, thrilling and demanding.


This is an encounter between you, myself and your guides. I become a kind of vessel for energetic and information transfer during which I can identify and work on cleansing blockages from your system.

The lead acts as a conductor, its dense physicality enabling me to accelerate and deepen the connection with spirit. I will “touch” many levels in you—your body’s history, your emotional limitations and challenges, your desires, and so on, even sensing the people in your life and the nature of certain relationships where information or action is needed. Throughout, I will communicate what I receive to you.


The lead is the physical conduit. It’s a heavy, significant metal that becomes impregnated with information. Using my abilities, I will facilitate the transfer of your dense energies directly into it, which can have the effect on you like you’re becoming lighter.

We will both see shapes and forms in the water—me from my location and you on your screen. You may feel physical sensations, as if you are getting an energetic massage. But it’s not your muscles that are being restored, but rather your emotional body. Those energies you are eliminating are taken up by the lead.


The moment you decide to undertake this ritual, your spirit guides will be aware of your decision. By agreeing to do this, you are telling them, essentially, “I am ready to do the work of healing.”

A purely psychic or medium reading is slightly different. Spirit can tend to focus almost exclusively on providing information for you—helpful direction. But the divination ritual is more about moving energy, due to the presence of the heavy metal. Spirit will understand your serious intent for growth and change, which opens possibilities for dramatic healing to occur.

For me, the medium, the experience can be very physically demanding and even, at times, uncomfortable. I understand and accept this. I am the vessel giving myself to the process willingly. My goal is to help.


Some people who are highly sensitive to the negative thoughts and intentions of others can pick up what has been called by many older cultures “evil eye,” which is a toxicity that sticks around. If this has happened to you, you may feel perpetually burdened, ill, or fatigued. That’s because you’ve opened up psychically without realizing it to a person’s dislike of you and their harmful intent.

Through the help of spirit and this process, you will become empowered to throw that off, to rid yourself of it. Spirits will not only free you of such dense energies but will make you stronger to be impervious, going forward.


During the ritual, often clients will feel a loving presence. That is the sense of your guides who are there to assist you. This will feel very good!

As I’ve written elsewhere on this website, my main goal as a medium is to support healing and to free people of trauma and burden. I offer this ritual in order to cleanse your energy field and remove limitations—to empower you. And, of course, I will pass on vital information from your guides pertinent to your life and of use to you.

At the conclusion, you should feel much improved, lighter and more confident and ready to move forward in your life with greater power and clarity. This work is especially beneficial for people who desire to modify their patterns of behavior and elevate their consciousness.

If you have a clear, positive intention for growth and change, the divination ritual can be ideal for you.

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