A technique of divination and clearing using molten metal used by many cultures dating back to antiquity.
I am expert in its use.

What You Can Expect

 - Cleanse and unblock heavy or negative energies picked up consciously or unconsciously, including “evil eye” 

 - Receive wise, inspiring, and motivating words (and sometimes hard truths) from your guides, delivered through myself, your medium  

- Experience a deep awareness of yourself and a purging of old, dysfunctional patterns of behavior  

- Receive specific messages and instructions on what may happen and how to move on from your current situation 

- Since the ritual is highly interactive, you may hear, feel, and sense the presence of your guides and helpers


How It Works

Gain Critical Insights

I will melt lead in a ladle over a flame and then pour it carefully into a container of water, where it forms into unique, complex shapes. These shapes will be our doorway into knowledge. We will invite your spirit guides and ancestors into direct contact with us to interpret the shapes. I will communicate what I receive to you.

This ritual takes place in a video call. You will hear and see the lead being poured into the water, and interact with me continually during the session.

Though many of us may intellectually understand how we can absorb negative energy from others, it’s possible we are allowing it to affect and alter our state due to a lack of personal power. The spirit guides can assist in defending and strengthening ourselves.

Their desire is always for us to become our best self. However, they can only show us the way, clarify the situation and explain what is going on. We must do the actual work ourselves.

Molten lead has been used in many cultures to clear negative energy and rid people of harmful entities, by entering into communication with spirit guides for guidance.

The practice of Molybdomancy has been present for centuries in Morocco, North Africa, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Turkey, the Czech Republic, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.