About Me


I have been a psychic and a clairvoyant-medium for more than 25 years, assisting thousands of people all over the world. I work from my home, hidden in the rainforest jungle of the state of Bahia, Brazil. I speak in English, French, Arabic, and Portuguese.

My goal is simple. I invite in Spirits to provide presence in a safe space in which my clients can release and heal negative or toxic emotions such as trauma, grief, resentment, shame, and guilt. Often, loved ones appear from the Other Side to assist in this process.

Detailed information about people and events is often communicated that I will share with you. For me personally, it’s of greatest importance to illuminate what’s already inside of you — the power, love, and potentials that are part of you seeking for expression.

Through this work, you will go beyond the limitations that have held you back.

My Story

I was born in Casablanca, Morocco, moving with my family to Arles in the South of France when I was a boy. 

At 16, I met a psychic by chance who opened my eyes to my gift, which I had already intuited. I began doing readings for friends in high school. Like other psychics, I often experienced flashes and visions later borne out to be accurate.

At 20, I started working with a famous psychic-medium in Cannes on the French Riviera, a beautiful area of sandy beaches and palatial hotels. He became my mentor.

Enthusiastically, I put my skills to work to help whomever was in need.

Later I moved to Nice, also in France, providing readings in a business environment, often doing as many as 10-15 in a single day.

At the time, I did not understand the harmful influence of the tremendous energy passing through me in doing this work

Before long, I slid into burnout. I took significant time off. I restarted the work in the U.S., reading for people in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, learning English, sometimes doing as many as 30 sessions in a week.

In Dubai, I partnered with a well-known spiritual center, again giving too many readings, while acquiring clients solely from word of mouth.


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At that point in my life, I hadn’t yet worked on my own self, on my own issues. My body and psyche often felt ravaged. The body is a vessel, with energy constantly passing in and out of it. One has to be careful of what energies we allow in.

I began to do the necessary personal work—to journey into my own pain, to delve into my past and reexperience the difficulties of my early life, seeking ways to release my trauma.

As a young man I had always been running. I wanted to be “somewhere else”— a different city, another reality, a place less painful. It was quite an awakening when I realized I had been blaming my family, my culture, and what I saw as an unjust society for my suffering.

My first breakthroughs happened on a journey I took in Machu Pichu, Peru, which started a long phase of life-altering spiritual work. Since then I’ve travelled to many sacred sites around the world — in Egypt, Bhutan, Bali, India, Japan, Morocco, and Mexico, using the energies in each place to help in my healing process and meditations.


Farther Journeys

I began to journey with Ayahuasca, a spiritual medicine used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest, now known in the West. I journaled extensively as I went through a long, dark night of the soul. The floodgates of release and healing opened.

After some years, I emerged, renewed, freed of resentments, having fully released the past. I embraced who I really am. I took my first name again, which I had left behind.

In healing my trauma, I became able to tune in, feel, and understand others far more deeply than I ever had before.

In a readings with me, my private clients will often experience spontaneous healing. Tears are not uncommon. Emotional blocks can be cleansed and detoxed. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see and gratifying to facilitate.

I think of myself as a service provider, inviting in wisdom, understanding, and knowledge from the Other Side to heal wounds and create new possibilities where there were only blockages.

My Goal for Clients

Empowering you to ‘be your own master’

I’ve never followed a guru or a teacher, nor any religion or doctrine per se, though I respect all paths as long as they are real. What I do is empower people to master their life. That means claiming the power that’s already in you and using it to work out the issues that are holding you back.

Many of us suffer the life-draining effects of addiction, and not always due to substances. You can be addicted to sex, gambling, shopping, illusions, people, food and lots of other things. Often, we are so immersed in our habits, we dismiss our discomfort and pain when it very much needs to be brought into the light

By feeling our trauma — our “pain-body” — we then have the power to release and move past it.

The idea of mastering yourself means consciously choosing your worldview and the way you will experience life in every moment

Why People Come to Me

People are drawn to me who want to change, grow, and solve problems. Above all, they want to be their true self without limitation.

I can help you to get closer to a best version of yourself. Being your own master means making choices based on free will rather than blindly following old, often dysfunctional conditioning. My direction comes from spirit. They lend us their power and understanding.

About the Guides and Spirits Who Come to Help

They can be guardian angels, spirit guides, friends who have passed on, or your ancestors with whom you share DNA.

They sense ahead of time when you will have a session and willingly participate in it. We do not invoke them; we humbly receive their help when they choose to show up.

Learn More

If you’re intrigued by my learnings and gifts, please have a read through my blog where I regularly explore and share my insights.