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Release trauma. Connect with spirit. Heal grief, resentment, and shame. Advance toward mastery

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Empowering you to ‘be your own master’

Readings by Noor Deen

“I access the Spirit realm to help heal wounds, foster greater awareness, and release dysfunctional patterns of behaviour. My work is mostly about healing— bringing in wisdom from beyond to get you back on your path with confidence and strength.”
– Noor
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Readings and Rituals

Noor has worked with thousands of private clients worldwide. These sessions can be life-altering, helping you move forward in your life onto a more authentic path. I offer Molybdomancy, an ancient, experiential ritual for energetic cleansing, divination, and healing.
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Readings & Divination Ritual

During your reading, my focus will be on opening up to the healing energies around you — your spirit guides, ancestors and benevolent entities that come through to offer information, insights and wisdom on issues, problems, potential next steps and areas of interest.


In addition, included in our session, I will perform a divination ritual (known as Molybdomancy). This is a powerful experience which involves my mediumship and psychic interaction with melted lead poured in water. It’s an age-old ceremony that will free you of any negative energies around you, reduce your burden, and cleanse your energy field.


Throughout the session, I will be connected to your higher self, picking up data related to issues most important to you. Often, even before you can ask questions, information will come. We can focus on areas in your life of immediate concern or allow the energy to organically take us where it will.

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Ghada, Dubai UAE

I am grateful for the reading session. I would like to share with you how much of what you said actually happened. Some of what you told me was integral in keeping me sane this past crazy year!

Thomas, Salvador Brazil

It is very difficult to put into words the experience lived with Noor. Some apprehension, perhaps, at the beginning. Then a feeling of being cared for and held in a clear and reassuring way. Finally, a pleasant feeling of lightness. I recommend this ritual to all those who wish to deeply explore their spirit in order to (re) connect to their spiritual essence. Fabulous and powerful.